Salomé Lubczanski


Born in France, I studied violin-making after my Baccalauréat at the Ecole Nationale de Lutherie (Mirecourt, FR). After working a year with Jan Bartos in Paris, I moved to Berlin in 2012 to work for Janine Wildhage in her restoration atelier. We collaborate on a daily basis with clients from orchestra such as the Berliner Philharmoniker, Staatskapelle, and more, as well as soloists and students.

I have pursued a freelance artistic career since 2016 under the pseudonym Salty Cheri. With a focus on queer politics and sound ecologies, I am interested in researching and producing art pieces exploring the notions of power, space and embodiment. My experiences include collaborations with actors such as the Berlin Zeiss Planetarium, the Klanglandschaften Festival, or the Schwules Museum.

photo by Jo Pollux

As an integral part of my artistic approach, I cherish collective processes as a tool of creation and enjoy working in team. I am passionate about sound as an immersive tool and gladly work as a location sound recordist and sound designer for motion pictures.

Currently enrolled in the Master’s Program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the UdK, I will graduate in 2025.

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